Director of Photography & Camera Operator

Tony O’Loughlan ACS SOC is an Australian Cinematographer working across a wide variety of genres and formats.  These days specialising in Main & 2nd Unit Drama, and always looking for inspiring collaborations with Producers and IDirectors.

With a motion picture camera department career spanning over 25 years, and experience in a number of countries.

Tony comes from a traditional camera department background after many years as a 2nd and 1st assistant cameraman across feature films, television series, commercials and music promos – where technical discipline and well crafted technique was instilled from working with celluloid film in motion picture acquisition.

Throughout this journey, Tony has had the chance to learn alongside some of the world’s best DP’s and Technicians, and in some cases, continues to work with these mentors as a camera operator… always learning.

There are always solutions.  Tony’s intrinsic approach focus’s on collaborative and intricate pre-production, focusing on deliverables – Producers get efficiency, and Directors get flexibility.  

Tony lives and works by his favourite piece of advice from one his own mentors…….”If you’re the smartest person in your team…then you’re in the wrong team.”

With a solid background in Episodic and Theatrical Drama production at all budget levels, Tony brings creative problem solving to any logistics required.  Anywhere in the world, Tony can supply a quality team of Grips, Electrics and Camera Department professionals, along with solid and long term relationships with suppliers.

Collaboration is his key to success, problem solving for Producer’s and Director’s on both creative aspects to a project, to technical and budgetary issues where experience counts…there is always a way.